4 papers + 1 tutorial at CCS 2015 !


Nick got 3 papers into CCS 2015. Congrats Nick!

“The Clock is Still Ticking: Timing Attacks in the Modern Web”,
Tom Van Goethem, Wouter Joosen, Nick Nikiforakis

“Maneuvering Around Clouds: Bypassing Cloud-based Security Providers”,
Thomas Vissers, Tom Van Goethem, Wouter Joosen, Nick Nikiforakis

“Drops for Stuff: An Analysis of Reshipping Mule Scams”,
Shuang Hao, Kevin Borgolte, Nick Nikiforakis, Gianluca Stringhini, Manuel Egele, Michael Eubanks, Brian Krebs, Giovanni Vigna

Long has also a paper accepted at CCS 2015. Congrats Long!

“WebCapsule: Towards a Lightweight Forensic Engine for Web Browsers”,
Christopher Neasbitt, Bo Li, Roberto Perdisci, Long Lu, Kapil Singh, Kang Li

Together with Alex Beutel and Christos Faloutsos, Leman is giving a tutorial at CCS 2015. Congrats Leman! 🙂

Fraud Detection through Graph-Based User Behavior Modeling, Alex Beutel (Carnegie Mellon University, USA), Leman Akoglu (Stony Brook University, USA), Christos Faloutsos (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)